Vicar Joseph Schlie

A5706547-7D0E-492B-BCEF-01085F9C5BB3[1613] (1)Vicar Joseph Schlie grew up in a small town in Indiana, the youngest of four boys. His father was a Lutheran pastor and his mother was a Lutheran school teacher. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Indiana University (IU) in finance. When Joe was in the fifth grade, his father died suddenly and shortly after this his mother was diagnosed with cancer. She began a long battle which she eventually lost in 2014. Experiencing this type of suffering was not easy, but it gave Joe perspective that his hope is in the resurrection and that all need to hear the gospel. It was during his sophomore year of college that Joe decided he wanted to pursue the pastoral office. 

Joe was an elder at the LCMS campus ministry at IU and spent a summer at a Lutheran camp serving children. The summer before Joe began his studies at the seminary, Joe returned to camp where he met his wonderful wife Kristen. Two years later they were married. She is also from a small Indiana town, so they share many of the same memories. The Schlies look forward to discovering the joys of Philadelphia as Kristen finishes her senior year at Villanova University and Joe continues his preparation for the ministry. As a Vicar, Joe serves the church as an intern for a year as part of his seminary training to be ordained in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. 

Vicar will serve in a number of capacities through PLM, including work at  λόγος Lutheran and outreach on the campuses of Temple, Villanova, and Eastern University. He is excited to see how serving PLM will form him as he prepares for the Office of Holy Ministry, and is always willing to sit down and talk. He can be contacted here.